Delivering and Sustaining Improvement
Through Lean Management Techniques

Combining tools and techniques, top down and bottom up, to ensure your Lean activities are successful and most importantly are sustained and continually improved.

Our Process

Capability Build

Through workshops, training and reviews

Problem Solving

By following the 8 Step A3 method for identifying root causes to problems and their countermeasures

Waste Reduction

Through value stream mapping, team engagement and classic 8 Waste analysis

Our clients include

  • 50-150 000 people!
  • SME to global corporate
  • Geography – local to global
  • Sectors:
    • Manufacturing – Automotive, Aerospace, FMCG, Pharma, refining, recycling, chemical, food
    • Retail
    • Transport
    • Education
    • Medical

Your Bespoke Solution


Tool and Techniques

We will help you diagnose the specific tools that you need to help support your journey and solve your problems, developing your workshop based deployment.


We provide bespoke and off the shelf training for Business Process and manufacturing improvement.

Engagement and Oversight

We provide short and long term engagements to support your Lean activities and Lean management system deployment.

Lean Management Projects

Lean and Green Site Continuous Improvement Leaders

Lean and Green Site Continuous Improvement Leaders

Background: The company was keen to develop its Lean capability and deploy continuous improvement across all its European sites. They had no previous skills or ability to deploy training and build their capability.Situation: The company was a high user of material,...

Supply Chain Management Through Covid and Beyond

Supply Chain Management Through Covid and Beyond

Background:Covid had a massive impact on manufacturing supply chains due to the wholesale suspension of travel and working from home. In this article we share our experience of the impact of covid on an FMCG supply chain and how this was managed to gain back control,...

Medical Sales and After Sales

Medical Sales and After Sales

Situation: This medical devices supplier and aftermarket provider had started their Lean journey through the application of specific lean tools. Progressing their Lean journey, the leadership were keen to align their improvement activity to their strategy and embrace...

With Neil’s depth of experience, he was able to share alternative ways of looking at the challenges,

James Gale

Neil joined us during an extremely busy stage of startup at Cremer UK, where we had just finished installation of the factory and needed to ramp up the facility quickly to deliver customer demand. Despite the challenges of a startup Neil was able to calmly set direction to the teams, ensuring that problems were solved rather than simply contained. With Neil’s depth of experience, he was able to share alternative ways of looking at the challenges, and this was demonstrated during our management team strategy setting sessions. I will gladly work with Neil again in the future, and would recommend him to anyone in need of taking their organisation further on the continuous improvement journey.