Lean Management

Lean Management Benefits

Successful Lean organisations rely on a combination of tools and techniques, top down and bottom up, to ensure that their Lean activities are successful and most importantly are sustained and continually improved.

The key step that organisations fail to make is the move from the initial project based approach to a more systematic all-encompassing Lean system which touches all parts of the business. The system needs to involve all parts of the business and cannot be limited to the factory or the office or front line staff alone. The tools and system must be designed to fit the organisation’s needs: starting with the Purpose, then the Process and then the People.

Lean Management

Manufacturing Improvement

Through workshops, training and reviews

Business Process Improvement

By following the 8 Step A3 method for identifying root causes to problems and their countermeasures

The Green Factory

Through value stream mapping, team engagement and classic 8 Waste analysis