Our Process

Lean Management Deployment

Lean Management Deployment - Our Process

From our experience, the following are key problem areas within business processes:
1. 25-35% of business processes have never been defined, they are a collection of activities completed by different people over a period of time.

2. Lead time reductions of between 50 and 70% can be achieved on business processes that have never been improved.

3. Leadership and management behaviour are often the root causes of problems within business process.

Initial Discussion – examining how we can help you:

  • If we are not immediately available when you contact us, we will respond promptly to either set up a meeting or schedule an extended call to discuss your needs.
  • During this discussion we will ascertain how we can support you and the approximate timescales for an engagement.
  • The initial discussion is provided free of charge. We will then supply you with a quote for the diagnostic phase.

Diagnostic Phase – Identifing the real issues and priorities for your business:

  • This is an extended period of fact finding and diagnosis.
  • We will need to speak to the key stakeholders, and get a thorough understanding of your processes through observation and discussions with front-line staff.
  • During this phase we will develop a firm proposal of how we can take your opportunity forward.

Intervention Proposal

  • This will be delivered to you rapidly – we understand that businesses need to be able to respond to situations and make swift decisions.
  • The proposal will detail the plan and actions, and outline the key benefits of the intervention.
  • The proposal will cover timescales, potential start/end dates and the costs/resources required (both the costs of the consultancy and the resources which will need to be committed by your business during the intervention).

Action Phase –  delivering the agreed plan

  • In this phase we will execute the agreed plan. We will regularly review progress with you and also highlight key findings like issues, benefits and risks.
  • If there needs to be any significant variation to the plan, these will be discussed and agreed prior to any changes being made.

Sustaining the benefits:

  • One of the key questions of Lean implementation is how to maintain the momentum gained though any training or improvement workshop.
  • We will ensure that systems are put in place to deliver a sustainable change to your business, through the use of visualisation and leadership review.

Evaluating the intervention and future initiatives suggestions

  • At the close of the project we will provide a review of the project compared to the initial plan.
  • We will highlight the benefits and communicate any additional findings.
  • We will also recommend the next steps for you in your journey.