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The Strategic Lean Office

The Strategic Lean Office

This book, for the strategic improvement of business processes has been created from the
experience of the author through 3 global Lean deployments across the “office” side of
manufacturing organisations. It shares an 8 – step approach for improving business
processes built on Plan-Do-Check-Act. It includes anecdotes from the author illustrating the
real-life challenges that have to be overcome and shares solutions to these problems.

Application of Lean principles to office processes is now established as an improvement method. However, it is tempting to take the approach that has been successful in the factory and apply it to the office without considering the nuances of this different setting. This book provides solutions to challenges such as:
  • Lack alignment of strategy to business improvement
  • Understanding customer value as it applies to office processes
  • Recognising personal benefit to gain engagement of staff
  • Understanding the differences between office and factory culture
  • The different nature of work in the office
  • Historical absence of process improvement initiatives in the office

I’d like to thank John Bicheno and Peter Watkins for their mentorship through my career, Ian Capewell and Martin Lunn for their humour and support during our time together at GKN, Frank Devine for reviewing the book and allowing me to include his “Cathedral Model” and rapid mass engagement (his book will be coming out shortly).

And finally @Lesley Trivedi – my wife, for giving me the time and support to write a second book especially after I said never again after the first one !

Please email getintouch@theperfectprocess.co.uk for a copy.