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Despite his inability to travel, he was able to deliver exceptionally impactful training system wide

I had the pleasure of working with Neil when we brought him in to establish a more formal framework for our CI efforts, particularly as it related to training. I was very impressed with Neil’s ability to quickly adapt his plans so that he could teach virtually given the restrictions due to the global pandemic. Despite his inability to travel to the various sites, he was able to build rapport with the teams and deliver exceptionally impactful training system wide

David Buse COO Wines and Spirits @ MCC Wines and Spirits @ MCC Label

Fantastic trainer for even hard students.

Great experience in Business Process Improvements and Lean methodology. Fantastic trainer for even hard students.

Agnieszka Szlapa Project Manager UBS

Clear, easy approach, open to questions and suggestions.

First it was a great pleasure to meet the person, Neil Trivedi. During a training session is not a must but it facilitates and make things flow smoothly if the trainer is a great human being. I personally liked Neil’s training sessions and his methods to transmit the message. Clear, easy approach, open to questions and suggestions. Always available to clarify any doubts during and out of the training session. His experience on the Lean and Continuous Improvement methodologies was amazingly valuable during the learning process. The shared real-life examples were always an added value. Hope to work with you again!

Fernando Guedes Global SMT MTT Manager Aptiv

He enhanced the efficiency of my businesses

We have worked with Neil on several occasions now. He has helped to develop our company processes and enhanced the efficiency of my businesses. He is knowledgeable, affable and his delivery is polished.

Alex Cheema Financial Partner

Excellent track record of significantly reducing process lead times

I have worked with Neil since 2011 in GKN to date as we lead business process improvement within Delphi. He has consistently shown his depth of expertise in office lean deployment and business process improvement. As a facilitator he brings insight and excitement to workshops and improvement activities ensuring leaders don’t just understand the theory but develop true capability to make meaningful change. This has led to an excellent track record of significantly reducing process lead times and strengthening customer and process value. It has been a pleasure working with Neil developing global programmes for developing leaders in business process improvement thinking.

Martin Lunn Delphi Global OPEX Leader

Quickly identified where and how we could gain short term benefits

Having created our higher purpose and a conscious culture, introduced a leadership development programme for leaders across the business the 3rd element of our business transformation was an effective continuous improvement programme. We had made a start on CI and identified our KPIs when we started working with Neil, but we had plenty to learn and Neil quickly identified where and how we could gain short term benefits that would have a significant impact on our business. Neil enabled us to clearly identify how we could improve and most importantly Neil left us with a clear action plan to achieve the improvements in many parts of our business, 2 of which are · Firstly reducing our turnaround time on in house repairs from 2 weeks to 4 days has transformed our customer service and team morale. · Translating our 2020 vision into a clear annual plan with individual accountability was achieved when Neil guided us through the application of the X matrix If you are looking for an insightful yet practical advisor in Continuous Improvement I would absolutely recommend Neil

Colin Denman Managing Director VTG Rail UK

He has the passion, knowledge, and self-motivation to make a difference in all he does

I am highly recommending Neil – as he has the passion, knowledge, and self-motivation to make a difference in all he does. I have worked with Neil while he has tackled the most difficult change management problems and behaviours. He supports people to understand how they can use lean principles and tools to make their work life easier, while creating better value for customers. He has great tenacity and will always follow through on his support for people while working with them. He is very open to try and learn new ways of improving and engaging people to support their personal and business objectives. He is an sadly missed in GKN!

Peter Watkins Director Operational Systems GKN Land Systems

Andreas Pampanelli Professor Lean and Green

One of the main challenges faced by current companies is to build and maintain business in a market and entrepreneurial environment quickly mutates. With the purpose of promoting a continuous improvement culture within the business, Lean is a business practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination. The nearly universe antidote to such wasteful practices is what Womack, & Jones, 1998 call “lean thinking”, a method that has four interlinked elements: the continuous flow of value, as defined by customers, at the pull of the customer in search of perfection, which is the end the elimination of wastes. Resource productivity and closed loops provide better services, for longer periods, with less material, cost and hassle. Lean thinking makes a customer-defined value flow continuously with the aim of producing less waste. Together these practices offer the foundation for powerful new business logic: Instead of selling the customer a product it’s perceived as more appropriate, the idea is derived what is desired, considering quantity, rate, and manner. Therefore, being a Lean Director is not an easy task. Much more than creating a new paradigm, it means driving the right changes in the organization for building a new and powerful business logic. Involving people all around the world for integrating this new journey requires much more than tools and techniques but sense and sensibility for understanding everyone’s mindset, ideas for creating a new common approach. Neil has managed me indirectly as a Global Business Process Director since 2007. He is a very knowledgeable Global Lean Executive. Not only his solid technical basis, but also his strong leadership skills, solid soft skills basis, his ability for coaching and his understanding about making business in different cultural environments is driving GKN Driveline Brazil in our Lean journey. With his support we not only understood the beauty of Lean philosophy but also, we are creating the basis for Lean Business Process deployment in Brazil. If managing is achieving results through people, with involvement and strong leadership, Neil is doing it so far with outstanding results.

Andreas Pampanelli Professor Lean and Green

Developed a deep expertise in the Lean area

In the 15 years I have known Neil, from Mars to GKN, he has developed a deep expertise in the Lean area. This is particularly the case re global deployment and “Lean in the Office” or “Lean Services/Processes”. On a personal note, he is also fun to work with and always willing to help; I fondly remember Neil helping me out early on a Sunday morning and with a minimum of fuss!! His area of expertise is relatively rare and is a developing source of competitive advantage.

Frank Devine, Managing Director
Accelerated Improvement