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About Us -The Perfect Process

About Us

Neil Trivedi

Neil is a highly experienced, qualified Lean expert who has been improving business operations for over 13 years. He has deployed Lean across many different manufacturing and business processes throughout his career. Neil has the experience and ability to deliver significant improvements in both factory and business process environments, with a track record of delivering 70% lead time reduction in business processes and 50% improvement in manufacturing output.

He has the knowledge and stature to develop and deliver a Lean deployment framework for a large organisation. Neil has worked across the Food, Aerospace, Automotive and Public Sectors delivering sustainable  improvements, major projects and business change.

More Information:

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Lean Management Consultant

Dr Andrea Pampanelli

Dr Andrea Pampanelli has more than 15 years of Environmental and 5 years of
Lean experience working for GKN Driveline.
During her career in GKN, Andrea developed more than 100 EHS & Lean research
projects applied to GKN in partnership with Brazilian local universities and won
more than 20 excellence awards from GKN Driveline, GKN Group and OEM

She has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering, an MBA in Environmental
Management and a Master’s degree in Production Engineering from UFRGS in
Brazil and a Specialization degree in Safety Engineering by Unisinos in Brazil.
Andrea started her Lean & Green PhD project in 2010. Developed in partnership
between UFRGS in Brazil and LERC, Lean Enterprise Research Center from Cardiff
University in UK, Andrea was supervised by Dr. Andrea Bernardes at UFRGS and
part supervised by Dr. Pauline Found at LERC.

The Lean & Green model developed during her PhD was applied and pilot tested
in GKN operations in Brazil, USA and UK. Andrea finished her PhD with high
honor in August, 2013, having published more than 10 academic papers during
the period.

Today Andrea works as Regional Environmental Manager at GKN Driveline
Americas. Her research and PhD was the fundamental basis for the development
of this book.

Lean Management Consultant

Dr Pauline Found

Dr Pauline Found is currently a Senior Lecturer in Lean Operations at the
University of Buckingham. She was previously a Senior Research Fellow of the
Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) at Cardiff University, where she worked
for 9 years and was involved in a range of research, knowledge transfer,
engagement and executive education projects and initiatives, as well as writing
books and papers on Lean.

Before joining LERC she held several management roles in a major blue chip
manufacturing company for 14 years. She is co-author of Staying Lean: Thriving
not just surviving for which she holds a Shingo Research and Professional
Publication Prize (2009).

She was President of the International POMS (Production and Operations
Management Society) College of Behavior 2009-2011

Lean Management Consultant

Get in Touch

If you would like help with Lean Management consultancy, training or you have a particular problem to solve then please call:

+44 (0) 7758 95 33 66