Lean Management Techniques

Senior Lean Leadership Development Programme

  • 3 x 3 days over 6 months
  • Lean leadership
  • Value stream mapping
  • Business process mapping

LCS – Lean Competency System

An internationally recognised lean qualifications framework

The LCS is an internationally recognised and the only university developed lean workplace-based qualification, offering a universal standard

Created at LERC, Cardiff Business School
The LCS was launched in 2005 by the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) at Cardiff University, as a vehicle to help organisations develop staff lean capability and adopt lean thinking more effectively. The LCS is now managed by Lean Competency Services Ltd., an independent company which holds the Cardiff University licence to operate and develop the LCS. This is managed and controlled by Simon Elias, former LERC director and chief architect of the LCS.

We can offer LCS certification from level 1A all the way through to 2B – from basic Lean awareness to Implementation and leadership coaching

Bespoke CI Leader Capability Development

  • 9 month programme
  • 3 weeks of face to face training interspersed with 8-10 week local implementation periods
  • Using your sites with live implementation projects
  • Interspersed with home site implementations
  • Fully coached
  • Lean Competency System validated to 2A level
  • Optional senior leadership development programme can be run in parallel
  • 8-12 people