Server Deployment for a Global .com Company

Server Deployment for a Global .com Company

This major global company operated hundreds of servers to support their .com business through their data centres. New servers were required to replace old ones as well as to support new sales through new applications. The company replaced or bought new, approximately 350-400 new servers every year. 

It took in excess of 340 days to specify, purchase and install new servers for this organisation. This was hindering the effectiveness of their data centres as well as delaying the introduction of new apps and consequently delaying sales growth.

The task was to review and improve the process through the engagement of the stakeholders and staff.

Senior leadership were engaged in the change process through a series of 1:1 discussions. A team of 15 was nominated to participate in the workshops. They covered the different departments involved in the process. Kaizen events were run covering the whole process. . Senior level buy-in was achieved through engagement presentations and informal updates throughout the review.

The lead time was reduced from 344 days to 42 days and then to 6 days in the following 6 months.

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