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Lean Management Consultancy Testimonial - The Perfect ProcessThe Perfect Process

Lean Management Consultancy Testimonial

Having created our higher purpose and a conscious culture, introduced a leadership development programme for leaders across the business the 3rd element of our business transformation was an effective continuous improvement programme.

We had made a start on CI and identified our KPIs when we started working with Neil but we had plenty to learn and Neil quickly identified where and how we could gain short term benefits that would have a significant impact on our business.

Neil enabled us to clearly identify how we could improve and most importantly Neil left us with a clear action plan to achieve the improvements in many parts of our business, 2 of which are

  • Firstly reducing our turnaround time on in-house repairs from 2 weeks to 4 days has transformed our customer service and team morale.
  • Translating our 2020 vision in to a clear annual plan with individual accountability was achieved when Neil guided us through the application of the X matrix
  • If you are looking for an insightful yet practical advisor in Continuous Improvement I would absolutely recommend Neil

    Colin Denman
    Managing Director – Promed

The Perfect Process
About The Author
Neil is a highly experienced, qualified Lean expert with over 12 years improving business operations. He has deployed Lean across many different manufacturing and business processes throughout his career.

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